Tom Westbrook

North Texas Red is a recipe I got from a native Texan who is now a Zen priest who runs the Cedar Rapids Zen Center. It is the best full-flavored chili I've ever had the pleasure to eat and a heck of a lot of fun to make!

The Burrito recipe is a recipe I got while visiting Santa Fe a number of years ago. It's not a spectacular recipe or anything, but it's impossible to find burritos with green chile sauce in Minnesota (if you know a place, I beg you to tell me where). You have to have some decent green chiles, but canned 'hot' Hatch Green Chiles have recently become available locally. Best would be fresh New Mexico chiles available when in season (August?) by mail order from several web sites. Frozen chiles would work, too, and are available year around online at the same sites.

Angel Biscuits: This is my grandmother's recipe of these wonderful biscuits, and dates back to the 50's. They are completely delicious and pretty easy to make.

Basic Cobbler: This is a simple recipe for fruit cobbler. Another of my Grandmother's recipes.

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