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Arca Accessories

I'll post information and photos here of the accessories I get for my camera. I'll only cover parts with which I have personal experience.

Compendium shade, 6x9

50cm Long Bellows

25cm Extension Rail

Compendium shade


Part #111000. Includes part#111007 (the little rail that attaches the shade to the front standard).

I got the 6x9 shade to match the 6x9 front standard  of this camera. The shade attaches to the front standard as shown in this photo. The rail allows the shade to be positioned between 15mm-75mm from the lens board. The rail itself is 95mm long. The opening in the 6x9 shade measures 88mm x 88mm, so most lenses will fit. Fully collapsed, it is about 20mm deep, and the bellows extends to a max of 100mm.

There are slots on the front and rear of the shade, but are spaced about 102mm apart, so you have to get separate filter holder parts to attach 4x4 square filters to it. 

I leave the front attachment on the camera at all times, to make it easier to install when needed (which is almost all the time).


50cm Long Bellows

Photo above shows both the compendium shade and the 50cm long bellows.

Part #071032. This is a 50cm long conical bellows for use with lenses about 210mm or longer. Its made of synthetic material. The upper photo shows it at about 300mm extension. You can see there's some sag in the bellows, so it's a good idea to carry some kind of support. I use a chunk of foam rubber that I cut to fit (not great in a high wind, but what is?).

The advertised lens focal length range with this bellows is 210-480mm. With the 30cm rail plus the 25cm extension there is a max of 515mm of extension available with this bellows with plenty of room for movements. That's with the standards just about to run off the rail on either end. 

The absolute minimum extension with this bellows is about 60mm, but that's with no movements at all. At about 130mm-150mm you get moderate movements—probably enough for most shots. If you need full movements probably 180mm or so would work.

I find mine a bit tricky to install in the camera. Its tight-fitting on the front standard, so takes me a minute or so to mount it. Your mileage may vary.

25cm Extension Rail

Part #041225. The rail attaches by inserting in the hole in front of the standard  rail and tightens by turning the knob (right end in the photos above and below). It mounts easily and is quite sturdy. There is a gap in the gears on the rail, so when going from one rail to the extension, you need to help the standard over the gap. It releases by loosening the knob on the end and pulling straight out. There is some resistance during insertion and removal.

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